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  • DiDa Journal

    DiDa Journal for Orisa Priests and Practitioners

    Record 16 Cowries and other types of Ifa and Orisa divination consultations with this easy-to-use journal made especially for Orisa priests and practitioners. It is a much-needed shrine tool. The 150 page, 8.5 x 11 inch, journal includes: an Ifa and Orisa divination consultation record keeper, line pages for note taking, blank pages for drawings and, beautiful, Orisa-related images photographed by the author. The journal is designed to assist in capturing divination details with easy-to-use checkboxes and prewritten prompts for all of the components of Orisa-based divination: client's name, diviner name, date and contact info, reading Odu, reading orientation, Orisa to be appeased, types of offerings, and places to leave the ebo.
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  • What is Ori

    Ifa: Its Core Values Vol. 3: What Is Ori?

    What is Ifa? On which aspects of life does Ifa provide guidance? How does Ifa guide and support one, during this sojourn on earth? Solagbade Popoola; Fakunle Oyesanya; and Gbolahan Okemuyiwa, have dedicated most of their lives to the art of interpretation and analysis of Odu Ifa. These three adept Yoruba Babalawos will provide clear; precise; and detailed answers to these questions, and more.
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    Iyere Ifa (Tonal Poetry, the Voice of Ifa) An Exposition of Yoruba Divinational Chants Paperback

    Excellent treatise on deeper levels of Ifa. For the novice it provides insight into the power of the spoken word and confirms somethings that you may have experienced intermittently and wondered "what was that"? For the Babalawo or Omo-Awo, this book has some key Odus which are necessary for memory (isoye) and power of the word (ofo'se) or manifestation. The Araba provides deep analytical insight to many of the Odus contained in these pages, that is normally only shared after many moons of instruction. I would highly recommend this book to all and sundry.
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  • Little Book of Witchcraft

    Little Book of Witchcraft

    Bring a little magic into your life with this modern guide to white witchcraft. Good-luck charms. Crystal energies. Practical magic. Modern spells via text message. These topics and more are covered in this introductory spell book and guide to meditative visualization—perfect for practitioners and newcomers alike. With chapters on subjects like “Magical Days and Times” and “Twenty-First-Century Spell-casting,” The Little Book of Witchcraft is both accessible and inviting. The recipe-like instructions and bullet-point style give readers a straightforward explanation of some of the key features and principles of Wicca, even as they discover some of the cool modern applications of these practices.
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  • Magical Rituals for Protection

    Magical Rituals for Protection

    Magical Rituals for Protection is a book of easy-to-do spells to obtain protection. Practitioners have used these traditional rituals and information for many generations. They have helped scores of people to protect themselves from everything.
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  • Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence: Divinity in Africana Life, Lyrics, and Literature

    Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence: Divinity in Africana Life, Lyrics, and Literature is a remarkable study and the first of its kind. Teresa N. Washington eschews popular culture’s pimp myths and thug sagas and traces the Africana man’s power, creativity, and consciousness to his inherent divinity. Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence takes the reader to the source of power with an analysis of African Divinities and divine technologies. Washington explores the permanence and proliferation of African Gods from oppressive plantations to the empowering proclamations of such leaders as W. D. Fard, Marcus Garvey, Father Divine, and Allah, the Father. Washington analyzes the summonses to and from the Gods that resonate in the music of such artists as Erykah Badu, The RZA, Sun Ra, X Clan, and Rakim. Using literary analysis as a prism to display the diversity of Africana divinity, Washington reveals the literature of such writers as August Wilson, Walter Mosley, Toni Morrison, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, and Ishmael Reed to be three-way mirrors that eternally reflect and project the Gods, their myriad powers, and their weighty responsibilities. Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence will prove indispensable to independent scholars as well as scholars of Comparative Literature, Hip Hop Studies, Gender Studies, Africana Studies, Literary Criticism, and Religious Studies.
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