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ESHU- Is the divine trickster an open road Deity


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Eshu is the master of the crossroads. The lord of communications, guardian of gates. Eshu owns the highway, the path to your door, and the Road to Success.
Eshu is respected throughout  Africa.

Eshu Orisha Beads
Eshu Orisha Beads | Artist Olga Drebus

He is incorporated into different pantheons, and thus various myths are told of him. However, his essence remains the same. Because different cultures worship him with other languages, different variations of his name exist:
• Eshu
• Elegba
• Legba
Eshu journeyed to the Western Hemisphere with enslaved devotees, where he emerged as one of the most significant, widely adored spirits of African-Diaspora religions. He is called Papa Legba in Haiti, Elegua in Cuba, and Exu in Brazil.