Olokun Eleke Beads

Homemade Olokun Eleke Beads

OLOKUN- King of The Sea





Olokun is one of the most powerful yet dangerous of the Orishas in Osha and Ifa. Its characteristics are found and displayed in the depths of the Ocean. The word “Olokun” is a contraction, “Olo,” meaning “owner,” and “Okun,” meaning “ocean.” These words are the names given to describe a complex convergence of Spiritual Forces that are crucial elements in the Ifa concept of fertility.

Olokun Orisha
Olokun Orisha | Olokun Canvas Print by James C Lewis

Olokun also signifies unfathomable wisdom. That is, the instinct that there is something worth knowing, perhaps more than can ever be learned, especially the spiritual sciences that most people spend a lifetime pondering. She also governs material wealth, psychic abilities, dreaming, meditation, mental health, and water-based healing.