Osanyin Eleke Beads

Handmade Osanyin Eleke Beads

Osain is the guardian of all medicinal plants.


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Osanyin (also called Osain) is the orisha of all plant-life, healing and magic. He is a powerful authority and master of all amulets and crafts found in the wild and untamed nature areas. The properties of herbs and plants are recognized for both their spiritual and physical qualities.

Osanyin- The Deity that uses herb in order to bring fortunes, good health and protection.


It is believed that the force that drives the universe (known as As’e) is, in part, located in plants. Those with the knowledge of plant-life and their power can unlock their As’e. The rites indigenous to the Yoruba faith cannot exist without the plants and herbs provided by Osanyin. It is his magic that is used to conjure the shrines dedicated to the other orishas. Hence, without him, none of the ceremonies can happen