Oshun Eleke Beads

Hand Made Eleke Oshun Beads

Oshun – The deity of Beauty and Love



Oshun is the Orisha of the rivers. Baptism by water invokes her purifying essence. When Oshun calls to you, it’s like a gentle river enveloping you. But if she’s angered – watch out! Her domain is over all things that flow like water, love, milk, money, honey, etc. Invoke her to clean rituals with water, heal reproductive problems (for fertility), romance, divination, employment, and much more! 


Oshun Charactics 

  • Domain: motherhood and babies, fertility, healing, cleansing, love and romance, self-love, rivers, and wealth.
  • Manifestations: beautiful woman wearing yellow or gold and five golden bracelets, with a mirror at her belt, as a mermaid, manifests in cinnamon and honey, as fresh running water, waterfalls.
  • Colors: Yellow, gold, orange
  • Offerings: mirrors, rosemary, lantana, marigold, pumpkin, makeup, brushes, perfumes, oils, flowers, fans, sandalwood, honey, chamomile tea, shrimp and spinach, yellow and orange fruits and veggies, cinnamon, river stones, amber, coral
  • Animals: all river fish, leopards, crocodiles, crickets, vultures, parrots, and peacocks