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Handmade OSOSI Eleke Beads

OSOSI -the Guardian of the forest


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The deity OSOSI is the divine hunter embodying the human struggle for survival. He is cunning, intelligent, and cautious.  he is the Brother of Ogun.

At the core of OSOSI power is the knowledge and mysteries of the plants. IFA teaches us that plants for the forest are used for various spiritual cleanings. Here, the plants’ secrets form a basis for which humanity can access communication with the forest’s Spirits.

OSOSI Orisha
OSOSI Orisha

OSOSI, is known as the magician of the forest. It is through the use of herbal remedies, herbal charms, and herbal baths that OSOSI can show us the vision of where we are headed, both individually and collectively. Because of this sacred responsibility, he is known as the Guardian of the forest.

Through the invocation of OSOSI, we realize that the elemental spirits which preserve the forces that sustain life on the planet. This consciousness takes the form of a group of Spirits called “Irunmole.” The word Irunmole means “Light from within the earth.” Light is used in the context of consciousness or illumination. The consciousness that guides such forces of Nature is like the Ocean is believed beyond human comprehension.