Labradorite Crystal

COLOR: Gray, gray-white, brown, greenish, pale green, blue, yellow, colorless
SHAPE: Crystals typically thin and tabular, rhombic in cross section, striated; massive
LOCATION: Labrador, Canada
RARITY: Common
MINERAL CLASS: Translucent to transparent
HARDNESS: 6.5 Hardness
CHAKRA: heart, including the throat, third eye, crown and soul star chakra, and they resonate strongly within all of these chakras.



Labradorite Crystal gets its name from the town of Labrador, Canada, where the stone was discovered. According to native Canadian tribal lore, Labradorite contains the Northern Lights, known as the Aurora Borealis. The stone helps you adopt a similar perspective on life. Although there are darker times in life and it may be challenging to find the light, the Labradorite crystal reminds you that the light is always there, even if it’s hidden. Once you find it, the possibilities are endless.

Labradorite Crystal
Labradorite Crystal is an excellent stone to be worn to help one disconnect from any tendencies to control others and increases self-mastery.

When it comes to establishing and manifesting intentions. Labradorite Crystal is one of the most potent stones you could choose to work with because it puts you in touch with your inner power and strength. Once you tap into your limitless potential, there is no limit to what you can manifest.

The Labradorite crystal meaning encourages you to go after your dreams and help you get out of your way to make your dreams come true. It clears away any dark or murky energy within your mind, body, and spirit so you can let your inner light shine and unleash your true potential.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals With Sage

Sage is a sacred plant with a multitude of healing properties. Smudging your stone is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy.

You’ll need:

  • a fire-safe bowl
  • a lighter or matches
  • loose or bundled sage

If you’re unable to sage outdoors, make sure you’re near an open window. This will allow the smoke and negative energy to disperse.

When you’re ready, ignite the tip of the sage with the flame. Transfer the sage to your non-dominant hand, firmly grasp your stone, and move it through the smoke.

Allow the smoke to envelop the stone for about 30 seconds. If it’s been a while since your last cleaning — or you feel the stone is holding onto a lot — consider smudging for an additional 30 seconds.

Approximate duration: about 30 to 60 seconds per stone

Use this for any stone.