Rainbow Obsidian


COLOR: Obsidian is dense volcanic glass, usually rhyolite in composition and typically Deep black or blackish green. Obsidian is often formed in rhyolite lava flows where the lava cools so fast that crystals do not have time to grow.
SHAPE: Trigonal
Treatment: Aventurine is not typically treated or enhanced
LOCATION: Obsidian is found in locations which have undergone rhyolitic eruptions. It can be found in Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Canada, Chile, Kenya,The Canary Islands
RARITY: Common
MINERAL CLASS:  Translucent
CHAKRA: Rainbow Obsidian resonates with the heart and root chakras. Some believe it can cleanse all chakras.


Rainbow Obsidian is a stone that activates our root chakra and pulls us back down to Earth. It’s a stone that can be used to help heal a broken heart, provide support for someone in grief, or offer up an abundance of love and happiness to someone in need.

Rainbow Obsidian
Rainbow Obsidian

This stone is here to hold you when you need it most while also giving you back strength to help overcome these heartaches so that you may begin to heal. Once one has accepted what has happened, they can only move on and begin to heal and rejuvenate their energies.

Cleaning Your Stone

Cleansing a healing stone goes beyond washing its surface. It’s all about washing away the negative vibrations that built up from the past. This should be done after newly obtaining an obsidian piece or if you’ve been wearing the item for a long time.

How to clean your Rainbow Obsidian Stone

Sage Cleansing

Burning sage has various healing benefits. These include restoring an obsidian stone to its natural energy. 

  1. Ignite the tip of the sage
  2. Hold the sage with your dominant hand
  3. With your other hand, hold the stone and move it through the smoke.
  4. Let the smoke envelop the obsidian for 30 seconds. 

Moonlight Cleansing

The time around the new moon is perfect for cleansing your Rainbow Obsidian stone. This is because of the new moon’s gentle energy for healing. 

  1. Put the Rainbow Obsidian is a natural container, such as glass or clay. (Avoid metal or plastic)
  2. Place the container outside in the late afternoon, under the sunset.
  3. Let it bathe under the moonlight overnight.
  4. *Collect your stone before sunrise.

*Caution: While moonlight is excellent, refrain from recharging your stone under sunlight as it is harsh and can damage your stone.





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