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  • Clear Eleke Beads

    Clear Eleke Beads

    Pack of 6mm Clear Eleke Beads, Round Loose Beads,
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  • Controlling 7 DAY CANDLE

    Controlling 7 DAY CANDLE

    Controlling 7 DAY CANDLE
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  • Desert Rose Crystal

    Desert Rose Crystal

    COLOR: It resembles a cluster of rose petals, and its colors can range from brown, tan, cream to white. SHAPE: Clusters, Specimen CATEGORY: Natural Crystals & Minerals LOCATION: Africa, Asia, and Mexico. RARITY: Common MINERAL CLASS: Sand or salt which becomes surrounded by gypsum crystals which are most frequently hosted by selenite and barite CRYSTAL SYSTEM: The typical desert rose is a small stone that ranges from 0.5 inches to 4 inches in diameter. NUMERICAL VIBRATION: Number 11
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  • Destroy-Everything

    Destroy Everything Oil / Arrasa Con Todo Aciete – ½fl.oz. /14.7m


    Destroy all negative and evil forces, hexes, jinxes, and stop crossed conditions.

    Destruye todas las fuerzas negativas y malvadas, maleficios, maleficios y detiene las condiciones cruzadas.

    Capacity: ½ fl. oz. / 14.7 ml

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  • DiDa Journal

    DiDa Journal for Orisa Priests and Practitioners

    Record 16 Cowries and other types of Ifa and Orisa divination consultations with this easy-to-use journal made especially for Orisa priests and practitioners. It is a much-needed shrine tool. The 150 page, 8.5 x 11 inch, journal includes: an Ifa and Orisa divination consultation record keeper, line pages for note taking, blank pages for drawings and, beautiful, Orisa-related images photographed by the author. The journal is designed to assist in capturing divination details with easy-to-use checkboxes and prewritten prompts for all of the components of Orisa-based divination: client's name, diviner name, date and contact info, reading Odu, reading orientation, Orisa to be appeased, types of offerings, and places to leave the ebo.
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  • Eleke Esu Beads

    Eleke Eshu Beads

    Hand Made Eleke Eshu Beads ESHU- Is the divine trickster an open road Deity
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Showing 7–12 of 59 results