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  • 7 Day Strength Candle

    I am Stronger than you 7 Day Candle


    I Am Stronger Than You 7 Day Candle

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  • What is Ori

    Ifa: Its Core Values Vol. 3: What Is Ori?

    What is Ifa? On which aspects of life does Ifa provide guidance? How does Ifa guide and support one, during this sojourn on earth? Solagbade Popoola; Fakunle Oyesanya; and Gbolahan Okemuyiwa, have dedicated most of their lives to the art of interpretation and analysis of Odu Ifa. These three adept Yoruba Babalawos will provide clear; precise; and detailed answers to these questions, and more.
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  • Indio Oil to Pray

    Indio Oil to Pray

    Use Indio Oil To Pray to open your mind to powerful prayer to bless your home, family, and business.
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    Iyere Ifa (Tonal Poetry, the Voice of Ifa) An Exposition of Yoruba Divinational Chants Paperback

    Excellent treatise on deeper levels of Ifa. For the novice it provides insight into the power of the spoken word and confirms somethings that you may have experienced intermittently and wondered "what was that"? For the Babalawo or Omo-Awo, this book has some key Odus which are necessary for memory (isoye) and power of the word (ofo'se) or manifestation. The Araba provides deep analytical insight to many of the Odus contained in these pages, that is normally only shared after many moons of instruction. I would highly recommend this book to all and sundry.
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  • Labradorite crystal

    Labradorite Crystal

    COLOR: Gray, gray-white, brown, greenish, pale green, blue, yellow, colorless SHAPE: Crystals typically thin and tabular, rhombic in cross section, striated; massive LOCATION: Labrador, Canada RARITY: Common MINERAL CLASS: Translucent to transparent CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Triclinic HARDNESS: 6.5 Hardness NUMERICAL VIBRATION: Number 6, Number 7 CHAKRA: heart, including the throat, third eye, crown and soul star chakra, and they resonate strongly within all of these chakras.
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  • Lace Agate Crystal

    Lace Agate Crystal

    COLOR: Lace agate is a variety that exhibits a lace-like pattern with forms such as eyes, swirls, bands or zigzags. SHAPE: Agate minerals have the tendency to form on or within pre-existing rocks, creating difficulties in accurately determining their time of formation LOCATION:  Africa, Asia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Italy, CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Rhombohedral HARDNESS: 6.5 Hardness NUMERICAL VIBRATION: Number 7 CHAKRA: Lace Agate is associated with the third eye chakra, which is responsible for your consciousness and perceptions
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Showing 19–24 of 59 results